Compliant Robotics Hands with Integrated Soft MEMS Skin- Marflex- Funded by CMU Portugal Framework

The aim of this project is development of low-cost under-actuated anthropomorphic hands with compliant materials in joints, and embedded sensors, and skin for prosthesis applications .
Research on both hand and the skin are being performed by a team of Mechanical eng., Electrical Eng., and Biomedical Engineers.
People involved:
  • Mahmoud Tavakoli
  • Baptiste Enes
  • Lino Marques
  • Thomas Feix
  • Rafael Batista
  • Pedro Neto
e-Skin for Prosthetic hand that can measure pressure, proximity and touch.
Using the e-skin, the hand autonomously chooses between a precision grasp, a power grasp, or an intermediate grasp.
Twisted String Actuators for Compact Prosthetic Hands. The UC soft hand.
Selected Publications: